London, UK


London, September 15-19th 2017—Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week (LFW) SS18 hosts Elephantasia, combining conservation and couture with the vision and collaboration of 12 international designers. The designers and their teams will be unveiling to the fashion world their unique couture interpretations of “the elephant.” 

  • 1 Elephant dies every 15 minutes.
  • 96 Elephants are killed each day.
  • 35,000 elephants are lost year to ivory poaching. 

To bring awareness to, and mitigate the poaching crisis, Fashion for Conservation (FFC) is joining forces with Fashion Scout and conservation organizations world-wide. Our collaborative efforts will send a timely and vital message to fashion week attendees and viewers—while also empowering consumers with the knowledge that their buying decisions matter. Saying no to ivory, visiting ethical sanctuaries and making clothing purchases and donations that support critical conservation efforts can help ensure the survival of the elephant.

The mission of FFC is to protect wildlife and their habitats in collaboration with fashion designers, conservation organizations and media influencers. The exhibition Elephantasia is fashion fighting for elephants, and every species adversely affected by poaching.

Elephantasia is a three-year campaign and will feature 12 unique international designers each season. Our team will be touring globally in 2016-2018 in a campaign for advocacy and knowledge. The exhibition for the campaign debuted at Eco Fashion Week US and Vancouver Fashion Week BC. Next season’s collection will preview in 23 cities across 8 countries in the summer of 2017 leading up to the finale presentation during LFW SS18.

Elephantasia, one of FCC’s campaigns, is altering the future of the fashion industry from one that regularly garners criticism from animal advocates. Our main objective is to not only support conservation but put it into practice.

Join us during our 2016-2018 world tour to heighten consciousness surrounding threatened species and their habitats. Stand with us in the fight for elephants and habitat destruction awareness!



Ibiza (July 15th – July 25th)
*Runway at Ibiza Fashion Festival
Barcelona (July 25th – July 28th)
Berlin (July 29th – August 5th)
Copenhagen (August 10th)
Edinburgh (August 15th – August 30th)
London (September 15th – September 20th)
*Runway at LFW SS18, Fashion Scout
Milan (September 20th - September 27th) 
Paris (September 26th - October 3rd)

Why Elephants?

Can you imagine a world without elephants? Elephants are are a keystone species to their environment, meaning that their ecosystem and animals that share it dependent on them. Culturally, they symbolize globally practiced peaceful activities like yoga, meditation. They are also icons of the entire African and Asian continents. Elephants unite people in a global community. Elephants are also the largest and most ancient land animal known to “instill a sense of wonder and wisdom in all who interact with them” (Director at AWF).

Campaign History

Elephantasia 2016 premiered at Vancouver Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016 as covered by the The New York Times, The Huffington Post and UK Vogue, recently featured during US Eco Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 and will be presenting during London Fashion Week this fall. Elephantasia is one of numerous campaigns within FFC—a movement highlighting conservation through fashion and the arts. FFC has partnered with over a dozen charities in bringing conservation into the fashion community through similar events and media campaigns including those designed to shed light on conservation.