'STOP AND THINK' is about creating from what you’ve got or find. There are around 140 million pounds, worth of clothing go to landfill per year.
After finding a large percentage of the fabric ready to be put in the bin, we decided to take it and make our newest collection.
Along with recycled woven fabric from a factory in Spain, Organic sweat shirting, hand woven details and applique, this autumn/winter gives you a real sense of ‘handmade’.
Stevenson’s inspiration for this collection has come from northern Vietnamese tradition dress, with their contrasting fabrics with the combination of comfortable street wear. Knitted bomber jackets with sweatshirt lining, ribbed trousers, appliqued woolen t’s and ethically printed hoodies with fringing and applique.
This collection is cool, different and very wearable. With some of the pieces in the collection being one-off’s as The Autonomous Collections are known for, you’ll never have exactly the same as the next person.