AW15 takes its inspiration from unique techniques in garment construction and embellishment by indigenous cultures passed on by each generation as an intrinsic part of their identity and history. The AW15 collection is an homage to peoples whose respect for their environment and intimate association with its fragility and beauty set them apart from modern society.

It is this strong sense of identity that this collection is designed to evoke and stimulate in an urban landscape that is multi-cultural and dynamic. Styles that make us think about the way we dress: our relationship to modern surroundings, forever evolving and challenging our sense of self; inspiring subcultures, youth movements and street styling reactions to existential realities. The Autonomous Collections embody this spirit of self-expression,  textures you want to touch and feel knowing that hands have created the styling sensation in a contemporary look that defines the wearer irrespective of age, race, gender or personal style.

Sustainability practices and the environment…

Kim Stevenson uses a love for the environment and her experience of extreme weather as inspiration for her choice of fabrics, combined with an unwavering focus on ethical practices, using only quality wools, linens, cotton and organic denim from sustainable sources.

We took AW15 'To the Streets' to show that any style any person can fit this collection.